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In Praise of the V3 Matrix System


Nick Daily-Hunt writes:

I have no link to Triodent who make the V3 matrix that I have been using recently, but when something works really well and is easy to use, then I reckon it deserves a mention.

For some time now, it has been known that one of the tricky parts of using posterior composites is creating a good contact. Because you can’t pack the stuff like amalgam its more difficult to get a tight contact and this leads to complaints from the patient and the possibility of increased caries and perio risk.

I’ve tried loads of different matrix systems here at Albert Place Dental Referral Centre, both conventional generic bands and more up-to-date high-tech solutions. I have finally found a system that ticks all the boxes for me. The V3 system uses shaped soft metal sectional matrices, which are only 30 microns thick. These are held in place with a shaped wedge and a separation band. All pretty standard stuff you may think, but the combination of the shape of the wedge (thin in the middle and thick at the ends) and the plastic ends to the nickel-titanium rings really works. The marix seals well against the tooth so finishing is minimal, and the whole thing is easy to use and comfortable for the patient. So far it hasn’t failed to create a nice tight contact, to the point where the matrix can be difficult to remove.

In addition to this, Triodent also make a guard for the adjacent tooth which avoids any accidental damage to the proximal surface. It’s called and Wedgeguard and it slots into the contact before the cavity prep starts. It saves time and allows a confident preparation of the cervical margin without the worry of touching the next tooth.

If you’re already using V3 or are happy with the system you use then that’s great, but if you aren’t completely satisfied with your matrix then give it a try!


Nick is on the cusp of completing his MSc in Cosmetic and Restoravie Dentistry and has accepted referrals for advanced dental procedures and tooth wear including TMJDS for many years here at Albert Place Dental Referral Centre

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